Asbuilts messuramets on site

This work is specifically for Architects and Engineers. With a team of experienced people, we can visit your location and measure the complete area, inside, outside, elevations, and get all the information that your require. We include pictures as a part of the package.

We can do this work on an empty building or an ocupaded one, depending on the size and location we can schedule this work during the day or night. We work at your convenience.

We will provide the original dimensional sketch information and the pictures as a part of the package.

CAD drawing services from asbuilts

To complete the as-build work we can provide the CAD drawings as a part of the package, this is extra work and will be charged accordingly. This part of the extend work will require 48 hours or more depending upon the size of the location.

We show this separate, so you could request to complete the work independently. CAD drawings will be completed by experienced drafters.
All work will be provided electronically and you will have time to revise and approve.

CAD Drawings


Price will be dependent upon the size of the location and where it is located. Our work area is the tri-county and the Keys. (Palm Beach, Broward, Dade and Monroe County).
We also serve all Florida, from Jacksonville to Tallahassee, and west and east of the peninsula.
Let us know if your need work outside of the state. Also, we are capable to complete packages of as-build services, as some of our clients have requested 50 to 100 and more as-builts of restaurant businesses to be done as a package in a weekly schedule.

How it work

Send us an email using the form in this page, we’ll call you and set up an personal meeting or by phone meeting to get all your specific project details. Next, we’ll prepare a proposal for you to review and approve.

We do Urgent work, as per your request, being subject to extra additional charges.

Site Visit

We’ll conduct a site visit at your convenience to discuss your proposal and anything that may be useful for us to get on with your project. We’ll also take detailed measurements and notes to begin the planning drawings.

CAD drafting

Please contact us for more information,