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Let your customers find you in google
and let them walk inside your store

Be ahed of the competition, let your customer see your store form their smart phone

Here is the JK Studio, google street view, you can walk inside to the Studio form your computer or your smart phone. Click on the link to check the actual street view.

This is a great experience for my customers, they like to see the studio in advanced.
Owner and Zumba Instructor
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It is time to have your business in Google

Include your business in google street view here is how

Get your pictures

We go to your business, take all pictures, prepare your file and have all ready

Your info in Google

We will upload all your information in
Google Street View

Show off

Your customers now will see your business and they will be able to walk inside of your store

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Get your business in Street view, your business is not complete with out Google and Google Street View





All our work is compatible with Google Map®, Google Street View®, Google heart®.